We view every search as a collaborative endeavor, and believe the best results come from partnering with you at each stage of the process. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to and understand our clients’ needs, as well as candidates’ concerns. We maintain ongoing relationships with industry leaders to both facilitate our initial approaches regarding your opportunities and to continually assess market dynamics that affect executive recruitment. We then use that knowledge to provide substantive, credible guidance before, during, and after selection.

While developing a position prospectus and identifying and evaluating promising candidates form the core of our services, they are enhanced by the extensive industry intelligence we develop for you. We deliver additional value by summarizing industry trends in compensation and retention, as well as providing marketplace feedback on your organization.

Our objectives are not only to conduct a successful search, but to provide ongoing counsel and context to clients so that they can retain the team they need to compete in the ever-changing environment of healthcare.

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